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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Are Chiropractors "Back Doctors"?

Are Chiropractors "Back Doctors"?

Why all the talk about chiropractic for low back pain?

While they may often ameliorate low back pain (and they aren't the only ones who can do that), that is often not their only reason for treating the back. Even when there is a back problem, they still have other reasons for focusing on the spine.

The basic reason for chiropractic's focus on the spine (and the whole reason for the existence of the profession) is not primarily for the sake of problems in the spine itself, but for the supposed effect it has on total health, including inner organs, allergies, ADHD, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, immune function, you-name-it.

A common misunderstanding....

It is a common misunderstanding that chiropractors are some kind of "back doctor". Not so.

The basic reason for concentrating on the spine is a false belief. The foundation of the profession is false, even though a few "bricks" might be useful. Using a couple of those bricks (which are also used by others, even before Palmer) doesn't justify the existence of a whole profession, and one doesn't need a doctorate in manipulation. It's not that important a technique. One technique does not a profession make.

Interestingly the chiros discussing the FSU situation on their lists are jubilant over the possibility of new DCs earning a *real* Masters degree, in addition to their so-called doctorate "DC", which people in the know about such things would rank somewhere between a high school diploma and a masters degree. (No one really knows for sure, since Old Dad DD Palmer - the grocer with eight years of education (no offense to grocers intended) - invented and then conferred the Doctor of Chiropractic degree upon himself and his students.) Regardless of its current legal status, to anyone knowledgeable about the world of quackery, the degree is often considered bogus.

Even these DCs understand that a real Masters degree is better than their lowly DC, which is not considered a real doctorate by others in the educational or medical system. Both the DC and PhC degrees are considered "spurious" (below). (Unfortunately there are many who don't know much about chiropractic, who mistakenly believe they are equal to other doctoral degrees. Of course most chiropractors are likewise deluded.)

For the purposes of this study, a definition of "spurious" degrees was obtained from the Office of Education of the US Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. In "Academic Degrees," a publication of that Department, more than 2,400 academic degrees are listed. The Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) degree is listed under the heading "spurious." A "spurious" degree is defined by the Office of Education as one purporting to be a legitimate degree, duplicating those given by legitimate institutions, but granted by "diploma mills," or a degree not granted or offered by a legitimate institution, but unique to the granting institution.

Although the quote above is from 1966, there hasn't been any change significant enough to warrant a change in thinking on this point. An improvement in the educational standards has taken place in some schools, but the quackery is still present.

Among those who understand the chiropractic dilemma, the "DC" degree is widely considered to be "the herpes of all degrees." (Yes, a chiropractor came up with that one!)

Palmer only had eight years of schooling, was somewhat medically ignorant (more so than the lower level of knowledge existing in medical circles of his day), was rabidly anti-intellectual, anti-education, anti-medical, anti-surgery, anti-vaccination, etc., and these attitudes have left lasting marks on the profession, even to this day.

He even called chiropractic his religion, which he received from "the other world" in seances:

DD Palmer's Religion of Chiropractic

Google search: chiropractic religion

Let's face it, they really aren't legitimate "doctors" at all. They just learn to walk the walk and talk the talk, having been brainwashed into believing that they really are doctors.

Office Scripts


Scripts are for ACTORS not doctors........

Scripts are for actors, DC's use scripts, therefore DC's are actors! They are acting like doctors.......