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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Response to Hulda's Christmas poem thing - by JeanneE/Skeptyk

Okay. So. The laundry bleach promotes the parasites? The zapper does
what? AIDS, autism and "cancer" are ultimately caused by laundry bleach?
My head hurts when I read her stuff. But my whites are dingy so maybe there
is hope?

My response to Hulda's Christmas poem thing:

Hulda, Hulda, Hulda,
Solstice sneer to you (and Tim),
Of your views my view is dim
Be it zapper, bleach or fluke,
Your ideas I rebuke,
Your theories are a sickly joke,
In Tiajuana do you toke?
It might explain your stony look
And how you wrote your silly book.
Here's some advice, you sortadoc:
What we write stoned is mostly schlock.
Despite delusions of great stuff
Stoner work is mostly rough
drafts at best, or dreck to toss
Most of writing is the dross.
Alas, however, do I fear
That you were sober, if not clear-
ly thinking when you wrote that crap
About how healthcare is a snap
If you apply the proper zap.
Do you truly believe this sh*t?
Is Bolen getting in a snit?
I hope he's pissed as he can be
To read my screed about you, see
I do not think you are so kind
Or smart, I rather think you're blind
With ego and deluded thought,
But that excuses not a jot
You or Bolen or your minions
Selling "theories" and "opinions"
Which promote and proselytize
The quacky bunk you advertise.
You doth protest? It means you lie.
You wish to sue? Please, Timmy, try,
But know that I can play the game
So here do I declaim disclaim:
Opinions that are in this verse
Are mine, for better and for worse.

Be well,

"It's an illusion to think we can have obscene
wealth on the one hand and desperate
poverty on the other, and have that be
a world anybody - even the extremely
wealthy - wants to live in."
--- Donella Meadows