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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Sludge Doctor's Editorial

While some may question if there even exists any real reform movement in chiropractic, there can be no question about plenty of attempts to combat such activity. This is one of the worst (best?) examples of the promotion of chiroquack thinking I've ever found. It is written by the editor of the so-called "peer reviewed" chiro journal, the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research (what a joke!), Matthew McCoy.

He manages to criticize practically every sensible chiropractor and reform effort around. If you want to find out who the "good fellas" in chiropractic are, just read this article in its entirety. Here's the beginning:

Sludge Doctor's Editorial:
'Connecting the Dots on the Dark side'
Sludge's Favorite Quotes Of The Year to Prepare You For The Coming Millenium
A Special Year End Report
By Dr. Matthew 'Scrooge' McCoy

If you've been reading and following along with the events that have been transpiring over the past year or so, you're no doubt fully cognizant there have been some pretty screwed up things going on in the chiropractic political arena. And as you'll see in the following compilation of quotes from the past year and previously, what's happened has ties that go back over the past hundred or so years of our profession.

I have attempted over the past several years through my articles in The Chiropractic Journal and more recently through The Sludge Report to help tie together the political goings on that effect how you and I practice and how seemingly non-related events, people, or organizations really are related. In some cases even working together toward the destruction of chiropractic as we know it.

The use of the internet has allowed us to not sugar coat anything. I don't have the patience for it and there is no time for it. Especially when I see the deliberate attempt by people and groups in our profession to change forever the very fundamental nature of chiropractic. Changes which are sought purely for their own financial gain without regard for future generations of chiropractors or the patients we serve. A conspiracy? No, they really aren't hiding anything. As you read through the following quotes I've gathered to prove my point you must realize that they openly publish this stuff. They lay out their plans for everyone to see. The shame that we must all bear is that given we know what's going on we still allow it. Why?

(there's plenty more nonsense)