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Friday, November 19, 2004

Scripts are for ACTORS not doctors. DCs use scripts......

Check out the thread:

"REAL DOCTORS DON'T HAVE TO SELL THEMSELVES." -- "Turtle" (a chiropractic assistant)

"Scripts are for ACTORS not doctors." -- Dr. SJ (a former chiropractor)

"Scripts are for actors, DC's use scripts, therefore DC's are actors! They are acting like doctors. The real danger here is that this not on a stage but with a real person. If the public really knew all that went on in the chiropractic profession they would demand that the state legislature delicense the entire profession. Sure a few good DC's would be hurt by this action but the public would be far better off with out any of them." -- Randall Lord, DC (a reform chiropractor)

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"In the modern day Chiropractic office, one of the most effective ways to establish presuppositions in the patient's mind is through the use of "scripts" (as taught by nearly every practice management group in this field). "Scripts" are used in most successful businesses. They're utilized because they work. When consistently used by employees they give a predictability to sales presentations and to the number of sales to be expected as a result of those presentations... and they can be just as effectively used in the Chiropractic office."


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