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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Optometry for Learning Disabilities - by Liz Ditz

Optometry for Learning Disabilities

If your child is having trouble in school, should you first look at his or her eyes? The answer is yes and no. The yes part is: every child should have a thorough vision evaluation--my preference is as part of a whole, well-child workup in a pediatrician or physician's office. More than just the kind of test you have to pass at the DMV is in order--remember, classroom work involves switching from the page up to the blackboard and back--near and far-term switching, and other visual skills.

The no part is that there is little evidence that "developmental optometry" or "behavioral optometry" or "vision therapy" has any long-term beneficial effect on a child's learning disabilities. While the optometrists' official position is that Vision therapy does not directly treat learning disabilities or dyslexia., the statement then goes on to carve out a place for optometry in the burgeoning, and lucrative, field of learning disabilities.

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