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Monday, November 22, 2004

Featured Internship Opportunity (chiro marketing)

My comments are in [brackets]

Featured Internship Opportunity - Discover Chiropractic & Wellness Center:

We are a chiropractic and wellness center offering holistic alternatives for health care. Dr. Larson is trained in both sports massage therapy and chiropractic. Gabe Firman is our full time massage therapist. We have been open at this location for 11 months.

Marketing Intern

As a member of our highly trained 'screen team' the marketing assistant will be responsible for educating [brainwashing] the public about the benefits of chiropractic & wellness [regular lifetime "adjustments", even when there are no symptoms] care. Goal is to increase membership [a practice "member" is a patient] through development of promotional campaigns. Training includes roll playing scripts [more about scripts] and learning about chiropractic.

Discover Chiropractic and Wellness Center is looking for a few motivated interns that want to learn about sales and marketing [that's what chiropractic is all about] first hand. 'Work for yourself' and earn bonuses [is this even legal?]. We set up booths at malls, festivals, fairs, etc.... shifts are typically 5 hrs long. We only schedule these events sporadically (on weekdays & weekends). You should be comfortable [no conscience or moral misgivings] speaking to the public and we will teach you what to say about chiropractic care. This is a sales and marketing internship. You would need to commit yourself for at least six months. We will pay $8 an hour plus a $25 bonus per new patient who signs up for care. You will also receive complementary chiropractic care [even the intern is primed to become another "member" hooked on chiroquackery] and a great reference from Dr. Lars Eric Larson. The more you book appointments the more you help people get healthy [there is no proof that regular adjustments have any effect on general health], feel better and you earn great money! You must be out going and self motivated. We need team players that are willing to commit as much as 6 weeks in advance for scheduling shifts.


Welcome to the woo-woo land of chiroquackery! Believe it or not, this is par for the course with subluxation based chiros. Chiropractic is to science, what Scientology is to religion. Chiropractic is just as much a pseudoscience, as Scientology is a pseudoreligion. They are both in it for the money, but disguise it as something else.