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Sunday, November 28, 2004

FACE group segregates and bans critics

FACE group segregates and bans critics

Here's the latest message from the webmaster(?):

In an effort to improve this message board for those interested in OSC/non-therapeutic chiropractic, the FACE Advisory Board has voted to have me make some changes here.

We have made the message board private. While registration is free, it will also be required to both view and post on this board.

The detractors section has been removed for now.

Sorry if this bothers or upsets anyone. Years ago, this board was a very productive and important resource for those who support FACE. Unfortunately, it has been overrun by those who are not interested in productive discussion or in furthering the mission of FACE. The Advisory Board will no longer allow this to take place. Take this however you like, either as a welcomed change or fair warning.

I take this as a clear red flag -- we are dealing with a cult. They have circled their wagons so far that they are biting themselves in the ass. In fact, they are practicing craniosacral therapy - cranium in sacrum.......

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