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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Dolivaxil can't "cure" anything - by Liz Ditz

Dolivaxil can't "cure" anything.

(Update 10/29/2004: More on Dolivaxil's effectiveness)

I get a lot of searches for things about homeopathy. Following back this one, I got:

Dolivaxil is our #1 remedy to prevent the flu. Safer than other methods to prevent the flu. Safe to use for all ages. Unlike vaccine, there are no contradictions to prevent safe use of Dolivaxil. Each box of Dolivaxil contains the complete treatment for 1 person. Take 1 vial of tiny pellets once a week for 4 weeks. Wait 3 weeks and take the final vial. That's it! Avoid the dangers of the flu shot. We receive many requests now from many families who used Dolivaxil successfully last year. Think of the savings in doctor visits, missed school and work, and worthless over the counter treatments. Includes 5 vials and instructions on how to use to prevent the flu. Purchase one box per person when using as a vaccination alternative. Homeopathy works with your body and strengthens your immune system!

How many misstatements of truth can you find in that paragraph?
Repeat after me: there is no proof that homeopathy works in any way to do anything other than making your wallet lighter.

The quack homeopathic expensive waterremedy referenced above is a product of the Dolisos group, which is a subsidiary of the French health care giant Pierre Fabre

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