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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Chiro Ammo Publishing - Products

Chiro Ammo Publishing - Products:


Show Me the Money! ** NEW **
How to Slash Your Chiropractic Accounts Receivable, Skyrocket Your Production & Find Hidden Money in Your Practice...
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How to Create Chiropractic Fanatics!
Do your patients drive an hour or more to see you?...
Transform your ordinary office into something extraordinary...
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Dirty Rotten Chiropractic Secrets
Nasty Little Things Your Staff (and maybe YOU too!) are Saying and Doing to Patients that are SABOTAGING your practice...
and what SHOULD be done instead!
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How to Make $100,000 Your FIRST Year of Chiropractic
Why take the slow, painful route when you can succeed now?!
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Mark Twain's Chiropractic Report of Findings
How Would Mark Twain Would Give a Report of Findings? Learn Twain's legendary secrets and boost your ROF success!
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Rich Chiropractor, Poor Chiropractor
Learn what successful chiropractors know about practice...that struggling chiropractors do not!
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How to Profitably Practice Chiropractic Overseas
Travel, Make $$$, and Bring Chiropractic to the World!
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Chiropractic Asset Protection & Privacy Basics
Why pay thousands to lawyers, when you set up the basics yourself?!
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