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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Censorship on the DrClark list

The Hulda Clark cult is very paranoid, and with good reason.

They regularly delete posts on the DrClark list that are considered problematic, so looking through the list archives is a weird experience, since many posts in my (and other member's) archives are missing from the on-line Yahoo! archives. They have been deleted by Leo Regehr (Hulda's brother) and the other cult leaders. Fortunately the messages still exist in thousands of member archives around the world.

Typical cult tactics. They censor and delete unfavorable messages.

This message by the wife of Tim Bolen is in reply to a message that has been deleted. Number 11854 is no longer there, and all mails by this person have been deleted.

From the DrClark list

Message 11855 of 12093

From: Jan Bolen <jurimed@y...>
Date: Fri Oct 22, 2004 4:35 pm
Subject: Re: [DrClark] A proof that Hulda Clark has no cancer cure.

Sorry, don't buy that. I, personally, have met far too many people, and heardfrom, far too many people who affirm that they are still walking around todaybecause of protocols from Dr. Clark that they have followed. This is world-wideI am talking!

Dr. Clark literally does have millions of followers and there is a reason forthat -- the life-style changes she advocates do seem to work for the people thatfollow them.

Jan Bolen

tommydexterruxpin <tommydexterruxpin@y...> wrote:

A common sense proof that Hulda Clark does not have a cure for cancer.