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Sunday, November 28, 2004

BOOP (Bone Out Of Place)

This guy is the webmaster who deleted the whole works! It was one of the greatest (besides ) sources of chiro nonsense around:

Gino Curcuruto

Here's his website:

It's a real doozy of a straight site, with the classic chiro BS:

"However, because the bones of your spine are moveable, they can - and often do - misalign. These spinal misalignments are a major source of interference to the flow of life messages between your brain and body. Immediately, the cells of your body begin the process of dying.Additionally, these spinal misalignments can occur for a multitude of reasons and, tragically, you rarely feel them."

He's not listening to some of his fellow chiros, who reject the BOOP (Bone Out Of Place) concept (yes, there are a few sensible chiros!):

If Not Nerve Interference, Then What? Mechanical Low Back and Neck Pain? Not Good Choices
by David Seaman, DC, MS, DABCN

In my previous two articles, I explained why it is essentially impossible to have nerve interference.1,2 To summarize, nerve interference is described, by modern-day advocates of this concept, as a reduction of neural or mental impulses, which occurs in response to a bone-out-of-place (BOOP) subluxation. The reduced impulses are always referred to in the context of outgoing information from the brain and spinal cord to the organs. This theory neglects the obvious: What about symptoms like pain, headaches, nausea and malaise, which occur in response to increased nociceptive activity, or findings such as high blood pressure that occur in response to increased sympathetic activity? Clearly, the BOOP subluxation model fails miserably when considered in the light of basic neuroscience facts.

Notice that I wrote that the BOOP subluxation model fails; nothing was said about failure of the adjustment to be beneficial to the body. BOOP subluxationists become angry and defensive when the BOOP model of subluxation is criticized. Not surprisingly, I received several letters riddled with ad hominem attacks - most unsigned - after my last three articles on the subluxation complex.

The reactionary nature of certain BOOP subluxationists is to accuse those who don't buy into the BOOP model of being anti-chiropractic - an astonishing leap of ignorance, to say the least. Furthermore, anyone who does not buy into the model is trying to "medicalize chiropractic" - another example of low-IQ thinking. And if tears do not well up in your eyes when you hear the phrase, "The power that made the body, heals the body," you are accused of having no passion for chiropractic - still another example of depressed, frontal-lobe activity. Even worse, if you don't buy into every bizarre, New Age, tree-hugging notion that comes down the pike and is circularly attached to subluxation, you will be accused of being an atheist - an excellent example of the need for psychiatrists and the drugs they prescribe.

Not all BOOP subluxationists fit the psychotype described in the previous paragraph. The more rational chiropractors who embrace the BOOP model feel that it keeps us from being characterized solely as "back pain specialists," and I agree with this concern. In other words, I don't think we should be locked in a low-back-pain box, and the evidence clearly suggests that patients suffer with numerous vertebrogenic symptoms besides back pain.3-5 That being said, it is important to also state that mechanisms associated with visceral symptom generation do not occur because of BOOP subluxation and nerve interference; visceral symptoms occur because of dysafferentation,3-5 which is why the BOOP model needs to be upgraded.

You may wonder why some of our skeptics think chiropracTIC is a cult when they hear these ridiculous "So What?" statements like ADIO, BOOP, Innate, "a body without nerve interference works better than a body with a bullet in its head," and other ol' chiro cliches that have been passed on for decades among our chirovangelists in the BJ Palmer branch of the chiropractic tree. (source)

Returning to rehabdocs concern, I actually didn’t say all chiros base their model of treatment on the subluxation “bone out of place” aka BOOP model, I said that the state laws are based on it.

Plenty of exam questions, including ones about the BOOP:

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