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Monday, October 18, 2004

Attention Life alums - cult expert wants your story

Attention Life Alumni-

Nationally recognized cult expert Stephen Hassan has received information showing that Dynamic Essentials and Life University were actually structured as cults designed to indoctrinate students into followers of Sid Williams. Some of the tactics used were:

* Mind numbing chants- “I feel healthy, I feel happy, I feel terrific” and the money hum.

* Keeping students so busy that they can’t think.

* A system of rewards and punishments-the outpatient clinic’s pink slip rules and quota system.

* Philosophy classes-encouraging students not to associate with doubting family and friends, demonizing medicine, teaching students an us versus them view of chiropractic and medicine.

* Extensive use of propaganda-circumventing CCE differential diagnosis requirements by censoring the information and telling students that the subjects were superfluous.

For more information on the characteristics of cults, please see this article on the site

Mr. Hassan would like to hear your Life University story. Please visit his website at and fill out a cult witness report form to share your experiences

If he hears enough recounts he may list Life/DE as an official cult group.

Allan Botnick, DC


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