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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Getting the big picture

I think I'm getting the big (more three dimensional) picture!

1. Chiros masquerade as "doctors" who fix spines... sounds vaguely medical, but the only ones fooled are the legislators who expect them to behave like professionals (which they don't, by a) trying to raise their 'PVA' instead of trying to lower it, b) developing vast numbers of obediant and dependent 'practice members', and c) only "analyzing", not diagnosing) ....and most of the patients probably...

2. in effect they are the current crop of medieval barbers! except they no longer cut hair, (even the hairdressers/barbers have gone off to become true professionals..) but they still sell their services as if getting the spine popped every few weeks was like getting regular hair cut/shaves.

3. And they get away with it, because to their "practice members", it feels 'good', like regular facials/hairdressings feel good to bored/stressed/rich women..! Social grooming diguised as "treatment".

4. So the chiropractors are able to maintain a large herd of domesticated 'crack' buyers/addicts.

5. If anything goes wrong, like stroke or increased pain, denydenydeny.. own your own insurance companies so that the denial can be even more deeply entrenched..

6. If anyone comes sniffing around legislatively, the act says that if the profession backs the silly claims, no problem. And it always will because the whole so-called "profession" is a 'silly claim.'

How'm I doing? Who wants to pick this idea apart?
Xena, WarriorPT

Prometheus replies:

Pick it apart? I'll defend it to the extreme, even missing a tee-time if I have to!