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Monday, August 09, 2004

Chiropractic Assistant's Corner

The following is an example of the kind of thing CAs are expected to do:

Chiropractic Assistant's Corner

You can be very helpful in this endeavor. Can you determine, along with the doctor, which patients/parents would be best approached for testimonials? Can you make a list of all patients who have not yet referred their children? Can you disseminate this fact sheet? What have been your children's experience with their care? Testify!

One CA recently wrote to me:


Well, this is what many chiros require their CAs to do all the time. In fact, the CA is usually the first one to meet the patient, and is trained to start the process of "patient education" (brainwashing) right away. The whole idea is to get that patient sold on chiropractic as a way of life, not only for them, but for their whole family. Not just for whenever they have pain, but regularly, even when they are totally asymptomatic. Not just once in awhile, but on a regular basis for the rest of their life.

Here's one of the clearest comments on this matter from one of the biggest practice builders:

“My position is that the 81% of society into wellness today are ALL prospective subluxation-based, vitalistic/innate intelligence chiropractic wellness patients. With their entire families, children and parents -- for a lifetime, of course. Renaissance Seminars has been teaching and maturing this very same message for 21 years." - Joseph Flesia, DC (recently deceased)

Fortunately there are rare chiropractors who speak out against these unethical practices, instead of participating in them:

“I understand there are many who feel that a "real" chiropractor would not practice this [ethical - PL] way. Fine. If being a real DC means wellness care, asymptomatic care, excessive x-rays, poor working relationships with MDs, rejection of scientific data, bizarre techniques, outrageous claims, and the same treatment each visit regardless of the problem, then I don't want to be a "real" DC.” - Dr. G. Douglas Andersen, DC

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