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Saturday, July 24, 2004

The Famous ChiroPediatric Top 7

This is a blatant example of a typical chiropractic ploy to brainwash parents into believing that chiropractors are qualified to be considered children's doctors. Heck, they don't even qualify to be considered "physicians" in any legitimate sense of the word (except legally in some states, where practically anyone can call themselves a physician)! Learning to walk the walk and talk the talk isn't enough.

Here the authors teach chiropractors how to instill doubt about MDs, particularly pediatricians, and to thus win patients. They know that once they can start treatment on the children, they will often have them and their family as customers for life.


The Famous ChiroPediatric Top 7

Top 7 Questions to Shift the Credibility
from the Pediatrician to the Chiropractor

Drs. Theresa & Stuart Warner

When most parents bring their children in for chiropractic care, they are faced with a pediatrician that is not supportive. Many times the parents trust in the allopathic system interferes with their chiropractic care. This list is part of a process that will more than level the playing field. It will plant doubt in the parents mind of their medical beliefs and increase their confidence in chiropractic. The thrust of this approach is to ask questions, be subtle and direct, not condescending and use proper timing.

1. When a parent is holding a prescription for an antibiotic for their child's first ear infection ask this question. "Is your pediatrician following the federal guidelines published by our government that suggests that antibiotics should not be the first approach?" Pause and let the parent answer the question. Then respond, "Why do you think that your pediatrician did not share that with you?"

2. After the parent fills out the new patient pediatric history form and your asking a few follow up questions, ask a question such as this, "Did your baby nurse equally from one breast as to the other?" (suggesting subluxation and range of motion). Pause and let the parent answer the question. Then respond, "Did your pediatrician ask you this question?" The answer is always no and then move on.

3. Another question to ask during the history is one like this. "Did your child ever fall off their bed or take a tumble down the stairs?" Pause and let the parent answer, then respond, "Did your pediatrician ask you that? After the answer move on.

4. When performing a surface EMG (subluxation station) pediatric chiropractic examination ask this question. "Did your pediatrician perform this test on your child?" The answer is always no, then move on with the next test.

5. When checking the child's A-P and lateral posture ask, "Did your pediatrician check your child's spine this way?" After they answer move on to the rest of the exam.

6. When performing a skin temperature measurement, ask the same question, "Did your pediatrician do this test." Respond, "Interesting" then move on.

7. When a parent is frustrated that their child is on their 7th dose of antibiotics for reoccurring ear infections ask this question. "Is your pediatrician aware of the JAMA article that demonstrates that children that take antibiotics for otitis media have 2-6 times more reoccurrences than the children that took the placebo?" After the parent responds no ask, "Does your pediatrician keep up on the latest research and information concerning your child?"

You will appreciate that the parent will see that you do something very different than their pediatrician and that what you are doing is logical and makes sense. The parent will realize that you are very thorough and informative compared to their pediatrician who did not ask the appropriate questions nor perform the necessary tests to detect vertebral subluxation. Remember, keep rapport with the parent and don't over do it. In our practice after parents get over the frustration and expense of having their kids sick and on drugs frequently, and now as a result of chiropractic care their kids are healthy and off the drugs, 75 percent of our patients never go back to their pediatrician unless it is for a life threatening situation. When parents answer questions instead of being lectured to, they begin to shift and own the concepts. These strategies will help parents adopt the chiropractic lifestyle for their children's health care. Obviously after a couple of weeks, chiropractic results will speak louder than anything but this will help get you there quicker.


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