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Saturday, July 24, 2004

Chiropractors and Immunization

Chiropractic opposition to vaccination originated with the Palmers, and is still a very pervasive attitude in the profession. Here are a few links:

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Chiropractors and vaccination: A historical perspective 

Attitudes toward immunization: A survey of American chiropractors 

Attitudes toward vaccination: A survey of Canadian chiropractic students 

Chiropractic students' attitudes about vaccination: A cause for concern? 

Congregation of Universal Wisdom: A religious order (a chiro antivax church - see II. 5. )

Chiropractors for and against immunization 


Interestingly, one of the best pro immunization websites is made by a chiropractor:
Issues in Immunization - Lon Morgan, DC


Here is my vaccination information page:
VaxLinks: Vaccination / Immunization Resources