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Saturday, July 24, 2004

Chiropractic Admission Standands Lowest among Health Professionals

Chiropractic Admission Standands Lowest among Health Professionals
Stephen Barrett, M.D.

A survey comparing U.S. chiropractic colleges with five other types of professional schools has found that chiropractic schools had the lowest standards. Publications and telephone inquiries were used to compile information on (a) the percentage of the previous year's entering class with a bachelor's degree, (a) the minimum grade point average (GPA) required for admission, and (c) the average GPA of the previous year's enrollees. The researchers noted that although the degree of undergraduate success may reflect the potential for professional success, further research would be needed to confirm this. The study found: 

Type and                       % with               Avg.              Avg. GPA of
Number                       Bachelor's        Minimum             Enrollees
of Schools                     Degree        GPA Required 

Medical (17)                   99.35%             3.16                      3.56
Optometry (16)               76.88%              2.55                      3.30
Osteopathic (16)            97.00%               2.68                     3.26
Dental (15)                    66.87%                2.79                     3.13
Podiatry (7)                    89.40%               2.76                     3.06
Chiropractic (16)            42.25%               2.38                     2.90